cetinka bačić

Wine produced from the homonymous authchthonous olive variety growing on the island of Korčula. Very delicate, fresh, light and flerty wine. In a fairy tale context, this wine would be playing the part of a delicate fairy.

FEATURES: light yellow colour with a delicate green hue. Its aroma is reminiscent of the vine peach which is even more pronounced in its flavour.

ABV: 11,5%–12%

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: we would recommend a fresh peach cocktail as an apperitif.

kalina cuvée

Kalina is the name of agricultural land which has been in the Bačić family for over 700 years. Kalina Cuvée is a product of blending autochthonous varieties growing in the middle and southern Dalmatian regions: CETINKA, POŠIP and DUBROVNIK'S MALVASIA.

FEATURES: golden yellow colour with a green hue. Its open nose offers aromas of stone fruits: peach, apricot and almond. Characterised by pleasant crispness with a slightly saline finish.

ABV: 12%–12,5%

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: pairs well with fish appetizers and various fish dishes.

pošip bačić

By choosing carefully the timing for the harvest, we managed to strike a perfect balance of alcohol and acidity which resulted in a fresh and well-balanced, unique light wine that justifies its reputation as Croatia's best white wine.

FEATURES: the wine has a glittering, straw-like golden yellow colour, and when swirled in a glass, leaves wine „tears“ or wine legs on the sides. Full-bodied and peculiar flavour characterised by fresh apricot, fig and almond.

ABV: 13% - 13,5%

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: due to its moderate acidity, it complements perfectly fish dishes, shellfish and white meat. Best served at 12-14°C.


Rosé Bacic is produced in a traditional way of rosé winemaking from red grapes. Only a short time allowed for the skins of red grape to touch juice results in a delicate light pink colour.

FEATURES: fresh, dry, racy wine with abundant luxurious fragrance blend. Fruit flavours provide the palate with a unique pleasure and a sense of luxury.

ABV: 12% - 12,5%

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: as an aperitif on ice/chilled or paired with a light salad, appetizer or dessert it will provide an unforgetable range of sensory pleasures.

kampijun cuvée

The wine was named Kampijun after a latin word for a wine sample that was taken by merchants during their tours and wine buyout from taverns. Kampijun is made by blending the three wine varietals: PLAVAC, SYRAH and CABERNET SOUVIGNON.

FEATURES: intense, ruby red colour, characterised by softness, it is easy to drink, crisp and with a mild tannin profile. It is ideally paired with oily fish dishes, carpaccio, popara dish and dark meat.

ABV: 12,5% - 13%

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: It is ideally paired with oily fish dishes, carpaccio, popara dish and dark meat.

cabernet sauvignon

This wine responds well to aging and is held in high regard by wine connoisseurs. A grape variety that produces extraordinary wine in Dalmatia and all over the world.

FEATURES: strong intense ruby red colour, rich in acids, with well-balanced flavour consisting of characteristic varieties with dark forest fruit aromas.

ABV: 13% - 13,5%

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: it is ideally paired with oily fish dishes, carpaccio, popara dish and dark meat.

prošek bačić

A dessert wine produced from Plavac Mali variety according to traditional recipe by drying out the best grapes in the sun. In the past, the wine made from that kind of grapes was served up at special occasions and celebrations.

FEATURES: garnet red to chestnut colour, full-bodied with dried fruit aromas, especially dried rowanberries and plums, pleasant moderately sweet flavour.

ABV: 11,5% - 12%

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: drink it while enjoying the authentic Korčula region desserts such as Lumblija, Pandoleti and Rožata.

pjer cetinka brut

Sparkling white wine produced by traditional methods of bottle fermentation from Cetinka -an indigenous wine variety of the island of Korcula. Slightly sparkling, pleasant, fresh and light; the ideal summer wine.

FEATURES: light yellow with a gentle green sheen. The scent is enriched with citrus and vineyard peach. Gentle, refined and drinkable sparkling wine.

ABV:  11,5 %

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: recommended for an aperitif served with young goat cheese with peach, white fish carpaccio.


Due to its warm climate, red grape variety Syrah, best known in the French Rhône Valley, also produces excellent wines on the island of Korcula. Syrah creates strong, fruity and full-bodied wines.

FEATURES:  an intense ruby red color, pleasant acids, harmonious taste with strong varietal aromas of blackberry, blueberry, violet with a pinch of black pepper and dark chocolate.

ABV: 13 %

GASTRO RECOMMENDATION: ideally served with grilled lamb and venison as well as seafood dishes such as octopus stew, blue fish.


DUBROVNIK FEST VINE 2017 - Pošip Bačić awarded gold medal and Best in Show dry white wine

DUBROVNIK FEST VINE 2017 - Cetinka Bačić proclaimed as the wine that pairs best with oysters

SABATINA 2017 - Pošip Bačić gold medal


All wines can be tasted at our winery, paired with simple traditional dishes, but please take note that for larger groups prior reservation is required/note that tasting for larger groups is by advanced appointment only.

Relax and enjoy our hospitality, kindness with which we treat our guests and expertise in leading your through Korčula's enogastronomic experience.

Winery opening hours are 9 am to 8 pm.